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Cultural Frameworks

Culture, like values evolve from experiences which drive beliefs rooted in those experiences.  These experiences and beliefs are the frameworks by which culture is shaped.  The challenge is that sometimes we make poor choices as to the experiences we allow ourselves to be part of.  When we participate in an environment we allow the dynamics of that situation to seep into our being which contributes to our beliefs of what is interpreted as being right or wrong.  If these experiences are not filtered through or viewed through lens of respect, responsibility, accountability etc. then the experiences which may at one time would have been considered wrong, becomes acceptable. This in turn, then evolves into being considered to be right.  Unfortunately when respect, accountability and responsibility are set aside for self gratification then the evolution of wrong to right accelerates placing culture at risk.

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Freedom Culture

Freedom comes with awesome responsibilities. It has unique strengths and daunting weaknesses.  What is so interesting about freedom is that when its strengths are taken too far they can snap and immediately become a weakness.  As we enjoy the celebrations of this 4th of July, reflect on the real freedoms we have and understand that if we take those freedoms too far then it ultimately will be the weakness which erodes the very freedoms we enjoy.

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Stressed Culture

We all own some stress personally and it leaks out into our culture. It leaks out in many forms. From addictive behaviors to physical altercations to seclusion and anxiety, it spills out into our culture shifting like a river through the valley. Cutting its way deep into our personal lives, our families, our relationships, our businesses and our communities. Too much of a stressed culture fractures and breaks into many pieces which are hard to put back together. Our culture is then permanently changed as we rebuild our framework of living.

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Entrepreneurial Culture

The word entrepreneur invokes all kinds of thoughts when placed into a conversation. The concept of new and ground breaking ideas. The endless energy to move those ideas from nothing into something. The opportunity for great rewards or substantial risk. The agility to move in different directions when new information becomes apparent. The Promise and commitment to contribute regardless of opposition. A culture where NO is simply a new discovery waiting to be proven differently.

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Looking at Culture in Silence

Silence is a very powerful experience. In today’s world of constant noise – silence is a rare situation. If you place yourself into a bubble of silence and think about the elements around you the discoveries are almost endless. We begin to see our culture for what it is rather than through the lens of what we perceive it to be. We might not like what the culture is presenting but that is the first step toward taking action to make it better.

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Shifting Culture from Industrial to Relational

World events cause shifts in cultures.  The pandemic will have lasting cultural shifts which some will not be obvious for months or years to come. Some we will judge as being good and some will be labeled as bad. One shift which has been evolving more gradually is that of transitioning from a more industrial mindset to a more relational experience.  It may seem odd to speak of relational during a time of significantly reduced interaction. The reality is that humans not just need relationships they desire them. Therefore once the immediate fear has been appropriately dealt with we will return to the relational culture and appreciate it far more than the gradual evolution which was occurring to the advancement of a more meaningful relational culture.

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Respecting Cultural Differences

Over the past months our world became smaller. Everyone was impacted in one way or another from the pandemic.  Daily media told of stories from around the world relating to the virus.  This provided all of us to see each other on a common platform.  We are not that different. We are all people that need to celebrate our cultures and respect those differences.

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Cultural Renewal

Our planet has been given a unique opportunity of Cultural Renewal. The Pandemic proves tough lessons are learned the hard way but opportunity can spring from that pain.  The air, our water and environment all show signs of recovery from misuse.  So too can our relationship between each other be rejuvenated to a new higher level of mutual respect.  Let’s not miss this special opportunity to renew humankind.

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Fiction and Facts and Truth.

Our culture is over run with statements. Our media and digital platforms enable our society to put out there what ever they want – facts, fiction, truth, lies without any self-governance.  Some statements contribute in positive ways while others tear apart the very fabric of our society. As you engage your freedom of speech digitally give some consideration to those whom you do not know who may read your statements and ask yourself – will they be hurt by my words?

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A Culture of “Trying” to be relevant

As they say, history repeats itself because we don’t learn from history.  Being ignorant of our past only causes our past to repeat – only each time it takes on a new spin for everyone to think it is something new.   The big different at this time in history is the nature of media and the instantaneousness of it.  It took weeks and months for news to travel around the world in the past.  Today it is real time.  Back then people had time to think and process and actually decern decisions.  Today the expectation is instant gratification and instant fix.  Decisions and second guessing those decisions are all taken instantaneously because if people had to stop and actually ponder their response they might just not have anything to say and thus they would feel less relevant.  Today, people open their mouths to feel relevant even when what comes out of it is complete irrelevant.

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