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Thinking about Culture – How does Culture form?

    In our society, culture is formed over the years from ideas, behaviors, various customs and traditions. In our businesses, the culture is formed by leaders values, industry trends, goals, environmental factors and sometimes assumptions whether true or valid. As culture is created, it can be reshaped and aligned with changes to the ingredients from which it was started or has morphed into. Defining your desired culture and then making the “Promise” to infuse it with energy is key to the future of growing your business and attracting the best talent in the marketplace.

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Thoughts About Culture

    In your personal life and in business we must stop and ponder what is really going on around us.  The choices we make for ourselves? The impact of choices made on our behalf? The world of diverse input causes our culture to ebb and flow.  Taking time to appreciate this gentle movement and sometimes violent movement allows us to best understand the ramification of our participation or lack thereof.

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Random thoughts about how culture impacts our lives