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Hope culture

Cultures need hope to thrive and survive. Without hope then every morning would be dark and every evening absent of a thought of tomorrow.  Look around yourself today and spread a little hope and enjoy watching the happiness shine forward.

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Fear culture

A culture where fear prohibits personal growth by learning from mistakes cuts out a critically important part of our future. In order to accomplish great things the culture must be open to failure and to learn the lessons failure brings so our skills develop to account for these challenges and not be ignored.

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Continuous learning culture

We hear a lot about continuous learning in the context of our work, our jobs, our roles.  The reality is that each of us are always in a state of continuous learning.  We are taking in various inputs and either accepting them and storing them or rejecting them and discarding them.  Both are part of how we learn. The trick is to not filter out too much based on the biases we have formed over the years of continuous learning. Learn through observation and participation. Then discern how those event can shape and contribute to a bigger brighter future.

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Stepping into a culture of gratitude in 2020

When was the last time you heard someone say thank you from a perspective of being authentic with gratitude? Give it a try and observe the gratitude you receive back.  It is an amazing transformation and a place our culture could spring forth a new and fresh beginning in 2020.

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Happy New Year – 2020!

May the year of 2020 bring to each of us an opportunity to discover our true “Purpose” in our lives and take meaningful steps toward fulfilling that purpose.

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Merry Christmas

May our culture be renewed and put at peace in the birth of our savior!

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A culture where not winning is an opportunity for learning

Each day there are winners and those who lose. Our culture is attempting to cultivate an environment where no one loses and everyone wins.  Unfortunately this is not reality. Great learning takes place when you come up short and are not the victor. You learn things about yourself which are life lessons.  Important facts about how you prepare for challenges and how you deal with learning from the outcome. Taking away these vital learning opportunities only place you at a less than ideal place to achieve the best for your future.

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Cultural Covenant

In a society where the language of the covenant has faded away to be bound by simply contracts to define the terms of a relationship, we need to consider the long term ramifications of this absence of humanistic purpose which is lost to words and verbs on paper.

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Cultural standard of being less accountable

In a society where passing the buck or pointing the finger to deflect personal accountability continues to grow toward being the norm, we must STOP and ask ourselves what permanent damage is being done to our future generations by continuing to enable this mentality?

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A Culture of Giving Thanks

The simple daily effort of giving thanks for what you have in your world is a first step in contributing to a better culture around you.

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