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How are you going to contribute to a better culture today?

Take one specific action today that adds positive value to our culture. Nothing big, just some small, unique effort to add value to the culture which surrounds all of us.

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Peeking inside culture

Today, step back and look at the culture around you.  What do you look at and then ask yourself – what do you actually see when to peel back the outer trimmings of the culture?

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Political gain culture

In striping away the political gain that is realized in decisions, the culture begins to experience the genuineness of pure thought.

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Bewitched by our Culture

Our society casts spells upon us in unknowing ways, through social media, TV, Radio, music and art. These spells are reinforced through the actions and behaviors of those not authentic enough to differentiate the spell from the truth.

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A Culture of RESPECT

Seeking a societal greatness demands respect is shown for all. That respect starts with self-respect and flows outward to all who encounter that person in genuine relationships.

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Accountable parenting sets the tone for our future

There is no greater honor or responsibility than the obligation of parenting. The quality of our culture is dependent on each person who is given this charge, to be accountable for their actions.

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Many threads weave strong fabric

A quality garment woven of fine thread is like a culture where each person and their unique talents are intricately interlaced so that the collection of all the individual threads are better, stronger, and more desirable.

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A Culture of Labels

A few years back the t-shirt and underwear company’s eliminated labels in their product because they irritated and annoyed people. Maybe our society can learn something from these company’s and eliminate all the labels used on people to stop irritating and annoying them?

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A Culture of no verbal communication

Ponder for a moment a society where verbal communication is absent and only words in textual media exist. Consider all the subtle nuances of voice inflection which would be missed. Consider that the reader owns all the emotion of the text. Consider the shallowness of the relationships in your world. Go enjoy a great boisterous conversation with someone and take your relationship to the next higher level.

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Positive Intention Culture

Each morning when we awake we have choices – what to wear, what to eat, the route we drive to the office and even what we post to social media. We also have the most important choice and that is the election to have positive intention in all we do each day. Yes it is a real life choice we get to make each and every day – TRY IT!

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Random thoughts about how culture impacts our lives