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Culture – A Labor of Love

At the center of great cultures is a common thread – LOVE. When culture strays from its core and self embellishment takes priority, the culture begins to fail under its own artificialness. 

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A Culture where silence brings clarity

Our world is filled with noise.  Not just the audible noise of the hustle and bustle of cars, construction and loud voices but also the noise of media, news and the digital world. If you choose to quite yourself and allow for the presence of silence to enter your world you will find clarity and answers.  The rapid waters and turbulence of the chaos will settle down and a calm to your person can exist. 

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Wisdom Culture

Recent events have caused lots of controversy about what actually represents history and what represents judgement and bias. A culture based on the wisdom of learning from our past successes and failures provides a culture where all can have the freedom to express their own beliefs but not be penalized for what those beliefs represent.

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Life Events Impact Culture

Events in each of our lives directly influences the cultures and environments we engage in or tolerate.  Life is so short that we need to be selective as to what events we let into our culture. Simple distraction events can have long lasting impact on our future and should not be treated as trivial.

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Conversation Culture

Take off the blinders and look around you for a few minutes.  What do you see? Be honest with yourself.  Our culture has evolved to a complaining culture from a conversation culture.  We complain about this or that but take little effort to correct what may be wrong or out of alignment. If we see someone taking action do we just hop on board their movement or do we actually take time to evaluate the impact of the change being pushed?  I call upon our Native American Indians who viewed their actions in terms of multiple generations.  How would their action impact the next 7 generations? They would talk about it before moving forward with action. Conversation can and should include constructive conflict and dialogue. The changes which come from this dialogue are healthy when all parties respect one another and listen and learn from talking through matters.

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Cultural Keys

A key is a very valuable item.  It has wonderful potential to unlock new and exciting things.  It can also open the door to many challenges. Our culture is filled with many doors to open and explore.  The key is to use the correct key in the right door to explore what is best for our culture. Doors can be broken down without the use of keys.  The result is damage to the culture just as it would be to your home if the key was not used.

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Empowering Culture

A culture where people are empowered has excitement associated with it. The excitement tends to quickly trend quiet when the aspects of responsibility and accountability are attached to the empowerment.  It  can not be a truly empowered culture if those inside and outside the culture do not hold themselves to a set of standards which are shared and supported by all people involved. It is desirable to have the opportunity to be in control of your own destiny. With that empowered control comes great responsibilities. The objective is not to get a rise above others by pushing others down. It is to lift yourself up and be empowered to new heights.

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Me First Culture

Over the ages there has been many eras where a culture of placing “ME” before you have existed in our world.  From the pharaohs of ancient Egypt to modern day people there has been a common cultural thread where one person views themselves as being superior to another and thus places them in the position before all others.  This leads to a breakdown in relationships and ultimately fractures the society.  The culture suffers and as a result a civilization learns very hard lesson during their decline and ultimate failure.

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Cultural Frameworks

Culture, like values evolve from experiences which drive beliefs rooted in those experiences.  These experiences and beliefs are the frameworks by which culture is shaped.  The challenge is that sometimes we make poor choices as to the experiences we allow ourselves to be part of.  When we participate in an environment we allow the dynamics of that situation to seep into our being which contributes to our beliefs of what is interpreted as being right or wrong.  If these experiences are not filtered through or viewed through lens of respect, responsibility, accountability etc. then the experiences which may at one time would have been considered wrong, becomes acceptable. This in turn, then evolves into being considered to be right.  Unfortunately when respect, accountability and responsibility are set aside for self gratification then the evolution of wrong to right accelerates placing culture at risk.

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Freedom Culture

Freedom comes with awesome responsibilities. It has unique strengths and daunting weaknesses.  What is so interesting about freedom is that when its strengths are taken too far they can snap and immediately become a weakness.  As we enjoy the celebrations of this 4th of July, reflect on the real freedoms we have and understand that if we take those freedoms too far then it ultimately will be the weakness which erodes the very freedoms we enjoy.

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