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Coaching Culture

Life, work, business, relationships and all sorts of things can and are messy and confusing. It is part of the beauty of living.  The many colors of a changing landscape which cause us to engage our senses and sensibilities. To always go it alone is a strategy reserved for fools.  The dynamics and complexities give each of us the opportunity to grow and experience the fullness of life.  To get the most of these challenges and experiences we can greatly benefit from having a guide to walk and talk with us so that together you can strip away the noise and focus on your value and contribution.

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Entitlement impacts culture

The belief that one is inherently deserving of something – privileges, treatment, services etc. causes  a culture to become distracted with what is authentically important. It causes a culture to be weak in terms of responsibility and accountability and thus the environment and people begin to separate and segregate on all kinds of various points of confusion.

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Culture must be nurtured

Just like the planning of a seed to grow a plant to produce fruit, you must plant the seeds of the culture you desire. These seeds must be nurtured and cared for so they have the best possibility to take root and grow into their best potential.  Like watering and fertilizing your fruit seeds, you must tend to the needs of your culture by pruning those aspects which are bad thus allowing the best elements to foster benefit for all.

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Red, White, and Blue Culture

Freedom provides many luxuries but also has an equal if not greater amount of accountabilities.  Our nation for over 200 years has stood for freedom.  Some days this freedom gets us in trouble.  Other days it unites us. Yet other days some want to restructure it to something which is counter to the original understanding our forefathers intended. The beauty is that our current freedom allow us this privilege but we must always honor the responsibility that goes along with such profound freedoms.

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A Culture with Zeal!

Waking up in the morning with a zest for life, a real energy for living is a great way to start your day. Having an environment with keeps that energy turned on all day adds to your success and genuine feeling of contribution. Life is full of options to live in a culture full of zeal.  We just have to focus on what causes us to feel a positive way and then seek out where and what makes us be alive.  When we find it then we need to submerse ourselves into the source.

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Authentic Culture

Having a truly authentic culture is more easily said that accomplished. In a society where “ME” first and instant gratification is prevalent in many matters, it is a struggle for some people to first keep their authenticity front an center.  They may want to be authentic but are pushed from their center with little and subtle nudges that culminate in accepting something less that truly authentic.  Eventually this recurrence leads to their authenticity changing and rationalizing what used to be less then genuine to now being acceptable as the norm.

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People First Culture

There is lots of discussion about placing people, employees, customers first in the line of appreciation.  It is a good thing to keep this top of mind in your business.  It needs to be universal and mutual in order for it to be authentic and genuine.  If you want your customers to have a best in class experience then you must start with treating your own people with best in class treatment.

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Condoning the wrong Culture

It is interesting how leaders can complain about this or that aspect of their culture which they desire to be different but when a situation takes place that is out of alignment with the desired culture they do not engage to correct the situation.  As a result they are directly condoning the action which goes against their desired culture. This in turn affirms that the incorrect culture aspect is acceptable and then it gets repeated converting it into part of the culture.

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Erasing history to change culture is dangerous territory

Recent trends have lead to attempts at recrafting and erasing what happened in our past as a means to realign our future culture. We have all made mistakes and have lots of failures which many try to hide in the closets of their mind.  When they come to be known is not the time to re-sculpt them into something less or more than it was at the time it happened.  The real opportunity is in learning from our failures and promise to engage in a new and better way of conducting ourselves.  Rewriting history to make it sound better or worst does not change history. It just sets in motion another mistake and the future culture pays dearly for us not learning from the failure again.

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Sales Culture is more than just selling

Generally speaking without sales, no business exists. Everyone can grasps this concept but why is it that the walls between sales and other parts of an organization exist?  Take it one step further – without customers sales are not possible. Then why is the customer the enemy of the business?  Too often employees complain about the very people that pay their income. Before the next time you want to tell the customer just what you think of them, remember they pay your rent, mortgage and put food on your table.  The customer may not always be right but they are definitely still the customer.

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Random thoughts about how culture impacts our lives