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Your business culture is the bios of your organization

When you boot up your PC the first thing that kicks in is the ‘Bios.”  Same is true for your organization and even yourself.  Before you can get going you need the initial kick to get started.  No it is not your coffee or caffeinated drink.  It is more internal to you and your business.  At your core are key values which are the compass to how you go about your daily activities.  Your business operates the same way.  With solid core values as the basis of all decisions in your business your company starts each and every day on the best course of action.

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A culture where choice is limited

Living in the USA we have all experienced the pleasures of personal choice.  No we don’t get to pick our parents but once we get to decision making age, we step out and use this privilege.  We can choose our education level or pursue working with our hands in the trades. We can choose what career we desire. We can choose where we live. We choose who we associate with.  Think of a culture where these and many others are decided for you?  Sound outrageous?  A subtle or undetectable shift in culture can put a society on a path to limited choice.

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A quality Culture preceeds proper behaviors

Look around you at what is going on in society, your workplace maybe even your house.  If the culture is broken, then behaviors follow that path. You may ask what culture?  Great question, considering many confuse culture with many other aspects of what happens around us. One definition which may cause you to think about the culture which exists around you – the complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, customs and any other capabilities and habits acquired by people as a member of society.

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A Good Read – The Culture Code

We learn threw experiences, sharing, reading, mentoring and the like.  Here is a share to give you insights into the culture of group success.  Why some teams excel and other just exist. The book by Daniel Coyle – The Culture Code can provide great data points for you to use in your daily life and in business.  We all strive to be part of something.  Why not make that belonging better.

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Promise Culture = Commitment to oneself first

In Promise Culture we start with identifying “Your Purpose” or why you exist or the organization you belong to exists.  Whether it be an organization at your church, your country club, your office, each of these exists for a reason.  Behind the reason is the foundation of a purpose. Radiating out from the purpose are promises to fulfill that purpose. Each promise made is at first a self commitment to the purpose and then to everyone else who will touch or be impacted by the purpose.  Thus if you “Promise” you commit first to yourself and then to everyone else.  It is like pointing at someone.  One finger points toward the person and 3 fingers point back at you.  The “Promise” starts with you and it is up to you to keep it.

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We all have “Expectations”

You can’t get away from it or around it.  Each of us create expectations all the time.  Sometimes very consciously and other times they populate automatically from the depths of our subconscious. Having expectations is natural and health.  When we are in a corner and faced with ultimatums we engage thoughts and actions from our most primitive part of our brain.  With those thoughts and actions, our expectations are captured and expressed. In daily life we need to pay attention not only to our own expectations but those which may be all around each of us.  Proactively navigating expectations between people results in far better understanding and appreciation of self and others.

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A Culture with the perception of no consequences

Look around you and give notice to how people react to events.   In our digital social media driven society, our culture promotes behaviors that people take and give no consideration to the downstream consequences they may have. We are rapidly moving in the direction of actions have no repercussions so just behave however you choose regardless of who or what might be impacted by those actions. It appears to be all fun and games until it comes back and effects someone you love and care for.   Then suddenly it becomes wrong.  The natural law of – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction goes beyond physics.  The deepness of the level of the cut that takes place on a person mental or emotional state may never be fully understood, appreciated or accounted for.

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A Good Read – the Culture Solution

There are many good books on culture.  To truly understand the opportunity a dynamic culture can have on you and your business, pick up a copy of the book “The Culture Solution” from Bestselling Author – Matthew Kelly.  It is not some poofed up idea book but more of a guide to help you in moving from where you are to where you need to be. Your business culture is either helping you flourish or killing you softly.

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Accountability culture MUST go both ways

Accountability cannot be one directional.  Standards cannot apply only to some but must apply to all. In a society where it is easy to make accusations, real or not, without accountability to what is found to be real or not only takes our culture to new lows. Our rich cultural history is filled with many real and provable mistakes.  Even more, the lessons which were learned from the mistakes have shaped our culture for the better.  Unfortunately, some trends have crept into our culture which disregards the dignity and respect of our fellow human being when damaging false accusations are tossed about without two-way accountability.

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Locking in a “Promise Culture”

During this week of the Commercial Holiday of “Valentine’s Day” thoughts can sometimes go to promises kept and promises broken.  Promises are not made to be broken.  They break when the foundation of the promise is weak.  Much like building a house of sticks which the wolf can blow over or pouring your concrete footings in quicksand, you can’t expect for the structure to weather the storms of life.

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Random thoughts about how culture impacts our lives