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Celebrate the New Year

The final days and hours of 2018 are rapidly approaching.  Ask yourself what have you contributed to the culture around you?  What can your contribution in 2019 be to make the world we live in that much better for all?  A New Year – A New Promise!

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A Culture of PEACE on Earth

As our thoughts turn to Christmas at this time of year, we can all, regardless of background, upbringing and cultural differences pause and reflect on the hope of all of us living at a future time of genuine PEACE on Earth.

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Respect Cultural Diversity

Cultures, just like various and diverse grains, seeds, and nuts, each has its value to nourish and provide unique tastes to nurture our lives. Too often when something is different we first turn our nose up or away rather than pointing it directly at the matter and learning what is good.  In a culture where we first engage positively rather than negatively, we can only rise higher to more and greater fulfillment.

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A Culture Void of Vulnerability

  Vulnerability in a society where we can hide behind social media and rarely expose our true beings, our culture becomes infected and removes from us an important part of living. To allow ourselves to be vulnerable so that we can grow from that exposure of being authentic and genuine.

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Internal Culture

    Our society is one of instant gratification, noise, bells, whistles, lights, all simultaneously filling the areas around us.  Sometimes we need to stop and close off the external and seek our internal culture of peace, solitude, temperament to recenter ourselves from the external chaos. Recentering allows us to come in contact with our emotional intelligence.  This allows us to become self-aware which can then evolve to self-regulation.

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A Culture of being grateful

    Cultures evolve from simple aspects of life.  As a young boy, I can recall my parents and grandparents mantra of reminding me to say “Please” and “Thank you.” At the time it became a simple phrase as I was headed out the door to someone else home or event. That recurrence set in motion the cultivation of being grateful as part of my personal culture.  Originally I would say it to satisfy the request of my elders.  Now, I engage in being grateful as it is a means of pure respect for those who have crossed my path on my journey.

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What shapes Culture?

    We all come in various shapes, sizes, and diverse backgrounds. At our core, we all need some basic things – air to breath, water to drink, food to eat.  We additionally pursue – safety, security, and shelter.  These elements when present or absent contribute to the culture that rises from them.  The nudge in one direction or another.  When safety exists then one level of culture matures.  When security is absent then the void is filled with other cultural aspects to accommodate the missing element.

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The Culture of Belonging

    When you hear the word “Culture” you might think of travel to a distant destination and how different it might be.  You might think of the various foods eaten around the globe and how their culture is woven into that part of living. Maybe you think of the environment where you work and how it contributes to positive or negative results. Regardless of what comes to mind – take a moment to look at “Culture” from a place of belonging to “IT.”  It changes your perspective. It opens up many horizons from the physical to the emotional.

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Core Values need Core Principles

    You may have a belief – a value, but is it supported by the way you will live your life – the principle? You may value “Fairness” for example but what and how are you going to hold yourself to your internal law – the principle? Each of us has various beliefs, values, principles by which we live our lives.  We do all agree that there is not just one set of these which everyone must adopt.  Free will allows us a significate opportunity, responsibility and accountability to cultivate our own set of values, beliefs, and principles.  It is an awesome responsibility that we cannot take for granted.

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A meaningful “Purpose” drives engaging Culture

    Look around these days and see how impactful a meaningful purpose is in gluing together people for a cause. This energy brings people not only into a common space but into a common attitude. People socialize with people like themselves.  People who share common interests and likes. Why then would you not want a culture where you work that provides this same glue of sharing in common purpose?

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Random thoughts about how culture impacts our lives