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Many threads weave strong fabric

A quality garment woven of fine thread is like a culture where each person and their unique talents are intricately interlaced so that the collection of all the individual threads are better, stronger, and more desirable.

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A Culture of Labels

A few years back the t-shirt and underwear company’s eliminated labels in their product because they irritated and annoyed people. Maybe our society can learn something from these company’s and eliminate all the labels used on people to stop irritating and annoying them?

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A Culture of no verbal communication

Ponder for a moment a society where verbal communication is absent and only words in textual media exist. Consider all the subtle nuances of voice inflection which would be missed. Consider that the reader owns all the emotion of the text. Consider the shallowness of the relationships in your world. Go enjoy a great boisterous conversation with someone and take your relationship to the next higher level.

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Positive Intention Culture

Each morning when we awake we have choices – what to wear, what to eat, the route we drive to the office and even what we post to social media. We also have the most important choice and that is the election to have positive intention in all we do each day. Yes it is a real life choice we get to make each and every day – TRY IT!

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Sales Culture

Sales culture is more than just making sales. It is about an all encompassing environment where all the aspects of the business and customer are revolving around both parties being enriched by the relationship. From the initial first contact between customer and company, to navigating the ups and downs which filter through a life long transaction filled relationship. Sales culture is about the customer-company experience each and every time they interact.

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A Culture where Responsibility and Accountability are Confused

Our society is struggling with the difference between responsibility and accountability.  People want responsibility but not the directly associated accountability. This causes confusion as one party has expectations of performance and results while the other party simply is showing up without firm intentions to execute.

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Emotionally Intelligent Culture

In a culture where openness and transparency are bantered about like a tennis ball in a match, our culture is awkwardly missing out on the sharing of emotional intelligence. Some hide their emotions as it eats away at their core, while others wear it out on their sleeve not as a means to let it be free but to potentially attract others to their pity party. Being aware of our and other’s emotions and then being able to act in a quality way to use that intelligence for the betterment of the situation and those involved is critical to building long-lasting human relationships.   Interested in knowing more about your Emotional Intelligence?  Reach out to us at YourGuide@PromiseCulture.com for a no cost/no commitment emotional intelligence assessment and discover how you go about life, why you are driven the way you are and to what level are you aware and regulate your emotions for yourself and others.

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Talk to Text Culture

One really convenient feature on smartphones is voice to text messaging.  For the most part it gets teh verbal translation right but sometimes it messes up no different than when we talk.  We don’t always talk in correct grammar let alone the way our minds might have spelled something. The challenge is that with so much texting going on are we as a culture losing part of our relationship skills that are so vital to human existence? Human beings have evolved over the millennia as the result of changes in environment, geography etc.  With the advent of the digital age will out voices become silent and out fingers become more like small rubber erase heads?

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Hiding behind a digital Culture

As you read this you may have arrived here via a link from any number of the social media channels this is posted to – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.  This opportunity to express thoughts about culture is enabled by the very digital platform which our culture can sometimes use for good or sometimes for evil.  When embraced for good or evil (interpretation held by the provider and reader independently) we have the opportunity to spread thoughts into the culture and then hide behind the wall of electronic façade. Today our culture needs to be open and learn the skills of constructive debate such that we open up ourselves for complete exposure rather than tossing our digital stone and hiding behind the electronic wall of social media.

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Gifted Mindset Culture

All of God’s creations are gifted in one way or another.  Many of our gifts are silent or hidden to the casual observer.  Each of us brings texture and dimension to our culture. We need to allow for this diversity to be embraced so that the many colors and tones can harmonize to bring life into each of us to share in the relationships we have with each other.

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