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A Good Read – the Culture Solution

There are many good books on culture.  To truly understand the opportunity a dynamic culture can have on you and your business, pick up a copy of the book “The Culture Solution” from Bestselling Author – Matthew Kelly.  It is not some poofed up idea book but more of a guide to help you in moving from where you are to where you need to be. Your business culture is either helping you flourish or killing you softly.

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Accountability culture MUST go both ways

Accountability cannot be one directional.  Standards cannot apply only to some but must apply to all. In a society where it is easy to make accusations, real or not, without accountability to what is found to be real or not only takes our culture to new lows. Our rich cultural history is filled with many real and provable mistakes.  Even more, the lessons which were learned from the mistakes have shaped our culture for the better.  Unfortunately, some trends have crept into our culture which disregards the dignity and respect of our fellow human being when damaging false accusations are tossed about without two-way accountability.

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Locking in a “Promise Culture”

During this week of the Commercial Holiday of “Valentine’s Day” thoughts can sometimes go to promises kept and promises broken.  Promises are not made to be broken.  They break when the foundation of the promise is weak.  Much like building a house of sticks which the wolf can blow over or pouring your concrete footings in quicksand, you can’t expect for the structure to weather the storms of life.

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A simple culture of RESPECT

As the Aretha Franklin song states R E S P E C T! Look around you and unfortunately, the culture has moved so far too self-gratification and self-indulgence that simple respect for each other is being lost in the noise of selfishness. All hope is not lost as there is some indication that upcoming generations do see the value in doing the little things for others.

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Culture is far more than casual Friday’s

    Our world of noise and distraction likes to hype various things about culture.  In business, the media likes to profess how great the culture is at such and such company because they have casual Friday’s and pool tables in their employee lounge etc. Those are nice things to have in your workplace but neither ultimately cause a person to engage more fully into their career or profession.  If the culture is absent of “Purpose” and people cannot tangibly feel the commitment to that purpose then it is just more for show than being authentic.

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A Culture of Black Holes



Part of our universe contains black holes.  That place where the gravitational pull is so great that its’ contents cannot escape out into the universe. Do you have black holes in your inner makeup that don’t allow you to fully express the fullness of who you are and why you exist? Our universe is a profound expanse of beauty and intrigue.  So are you – go out and be…..


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1984 Culture



Resolutions of change give each of us the opportunity to rework part of our lives that we believe needs improvement for one reason or another. The reality is we can’t erase what has happened.  Once done it is part of the genetics of the world.  It might be small and undetectable by most but it is there. Our resolutions are not a rewrite of history.  They are an improvement of our future. Let our culture never evolve into a mindset of rewriting the past to disguise the future.


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Cultural Tune-up

  2019 is the year of the Cultural Tune-up effort.  We invite you to journey along with us as we take the next 12 weeks to walk you through an approach to help you tune-up your personal or business culture.  Have an impact in 2019 by taking positive steps to move your culture to a new higher level of performance.  Have an interest in the Tune-up?  Visit our Business Strategy site – www.jklassociates.com/ and sign up for the 3-minute weekly reminder to receive an email to explore your culture in 2019.

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New Year – Same Culture?



A new calendar year has begun giving each of us the opportunity to reflect on years gone by and optimism for this upcoming year of events.  Yes, time has passed but are we better in some way from the past? Is the environment of our society a fertile ground for personal development and new discovery? Are the relationships we have built upon intrinsic core values or simple transactions of convenience? Lots to ponder and make choices for an improved 2019.


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Celebrate the New Year

The final days and hours of 2018 are rapidly approaching.  Ask yourself what have you contributed to the culture around you?  What can your contribution in 2019 be to make the world we live in that much better for all?  A New Year – A New Promise!

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