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Culture Pause

We are all in the midst of a Culture pause as the COVID-19 pandemic encircles the globe. We can take this forced stop and give some real thought to what is important and what is just extra. In the silence of our minds give yourself the privilege to meditate on what needs to be part of a thriving culture and what is just cluttering the social landscape.

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Do you accept Cultural Norms or strive for Cultural Expectations

In a time when there are so many battles to fight, we all pick and choose which ones we invest our time and energy into. Too often I see people accepting the cultural norms of the time and place as opposed to engaging to strive for the expectations to improve the culture.  Yes, it takes time and energy to swim up stream against the norms but do we continue to dilute our culture by not being willing to fight for what is right?

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Does your Culture promote Confidence?

Confidence like Leadership is not something you are directly born with. You may have the seeds of confidence but it take a positive culture to nurture it into its full potential. Are the cultures you are exposed to adding or subtracting from your confidence?

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One Bad Apple

If one bad apple can spoil the whole bushel then take the time to make sure no one in the culture is tainting the others and spoiling it for everyone else. It is easy to turn away and not get involved but in the long run not dealing with rotting apples simply causes a big mess to clean up later.

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Rock your culture

People want to be part of something special. With so many distraction available to all of us daily, there is some solace in places like home and work.  We find routines in those places and allow for a solid less turbulent footing. So make these places be special.  At your business offer a culture for people to thrive in.  At home give your loved ones a place they want to be engaged in.

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It is challenging to capture culture

If you were to ask yourself to describe the culture of the organization you are in would your response be good or bad? Would you be able to articulate what makes it that way?  Cultures are not good or bad.  They are what you MAKE them.  If what you view is not to your liking then take action to change it! When we think differently we open our minds to new possibilities.

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Cultural Alignment

In bowling there is a defined alignment of pins which are then knocked down contributing to the advancement of score. If you view the pins as elements of your organizations or personal culture that are out of alignment it is time to knock them over so that your internal core values score aligns with your cultural framework.

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Disruptive for the Good of the Culture

Our culture is evolving just as it has for thousands of years. During various periods pivoting change points caused our culture to take large swings in one or another direction.  Some of those moved our culture forward yet others set us back causing us to re-evaluate. Too often we look at these disruptive times as negitive as they cause unwanted change. Today give yourself the privilege to look at the disruption we are currently navigating and ask yourself what positive elements are or could come from these events.

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Culture is dependent on who?

Looking at culture in your business, your neighborhood, your faith community, your family, it is dependent on who is inside that culture. In some of these you don’t get a choice such as the family you are born into.  You do get a choice to stay inside of the environment or move beyond it.  If the various cultures you flow in and out of are toxic then choose different environments to associate with.  You cannot expect a different outcome staying in a toxic culture.

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Hope culture

Cultures need hope to thrive and survive. Without hope then every morning would be dark and every evening absent of a thought of tomorrow.  Look around yourself today and spread a little hope and enjoy watching the happiness shine forward.

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Random thoughts about how culture impacts our lives