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Promise Culture

#1 – Purpose

Knowing your Purpose and living your Purpose are vital to growth and success for yourself and your business. Do you know the “Why” in your life and your business? The question of “Purpose” or the “Why” behind your actions is...

#2 – Passion
Feel the Energy

Passion amplifies the vision of the present and future. We hear a lot about Passion and Vision but are they just words on a plaque in your lobby or an idea in your head?  Are you willing to express your...

#3 – Principles
Guidance System

Principles and Core Values provide the guidance and focus.  They keep you on the correct path and help prevent you from diverting into dangerous situations.   We all need a set of Core Values and Principles to act as barriers...

#4 – Promise
Make the Commitment

A Promise is a full commitment to achievement. Promises make people uncomfortable because they set in motion accountability.  First to yourself and then to those to whom you make your promise.  The old saying of “Promises are made to be...

#5 – People
Embrace Relationships

For it is through people and their relationships that results are possible You are never really all alone!  There are people around you, pulling for you, pushing for you, that you may not see but want you to succeed. Part...

#6 – Plan
Map Your Strategy

Purpose without a plan is just wishful thinking. Wishful thinking goals without a plan are simply dreaming with little likelihood of being realized. Move your “Purpose” from dreams into action.  Craft your plan and put in motion those behaviors which...

#7 – Performance
Do The Work!

Execution through positive action equal progress! All the goals, plans, and strategies are meaningless if you don’t “Promise” to take action and then execute. This is where the rubber meets the road. You have taken it upon yourself to discover...

#8 – Progress
Chart Your Efforts

Measurement to objectives provides feedback by which understanding and growth can be evaluated. On your journey, there will be obstacles which you must traverse. Each step you take toward the end objective is progress.  Measuring your progress and acknowledging accomplishments...

#9 – Preservation
Build Your Legacy

Continuous improvement by learning, reframing and making constructive corrective action to the plan ensures the longevity of growth. Each day at sunset you have the opportunity to evaluate your promises.  Those which you kept. Those which you fell away from....